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Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene recently compared mask mandates in the U.S. House to the way Nazis treated the Jews during the Holocaust. She issued a perfunctory apology earlier this week after visiting the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, though that leaves open the question of what she thought happened during the Holocaust before this week.

But she apologized, right? And Republicans everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief because they no longer have to answer for her irrational statement, right?

Not Lauren Witzke. The failed Senate candidate from Delaware and current guest host on Rick Wiles‘ “TruNews” show insists that Greene has nothing to apologize for because her comparison was spot-on.

She was right! Marjorie, lean in! Never apologize! That is my advice I would give her, because that… that was a hostage video, it looked like. Didn’t it? It was awkward. It was weird. I don’t really think she meant it because I wouldn’t have meanted itShe was absolutely 100% right. What more evidence do you need when they already have us, in order to purchase things, we have to present a vaccine card?… This is all precursor to the mass genocide of the American people.

Nothing suggests deep, critical thought like the comment, “I wouldn’t have meanted it”…

In any case, while Witzke might have meant it, and while Greene almost certainly meant it until she realized even Republicans weren’t going to let it slide, the comparison breaks down immediately. The coronavirus affected everyone. Vaccine cards aren’t limited to certain people and they don’t put one group above or below another. It’s about public safety — nothing more. Asking everyone to show proof of vaccination before certain activities — which isn’t new! — isn’t unreasonable. It’s meant to protect lives — something that supposedly “pro-life” people would support.

For a group of people who routinely refer to liberals as “snowflakes,” it’s amazing how little it takes to trigger conservatives’ sensibilities. Public safety, religious neutrality, etc. — it always leads to them pushing their “I’m being persecuted” button.

(via Right Wing Watch)