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Lauren Witzke, the failed Senate candidate from Delaware who now promotes right-wing conspiracy theories and who recently claimed that passage of the Equality Act would criminalize Christianity, also has thoughts about COVID.

In a recent interview with Stew Peters, Witzke said that COVID vaccines were a “mass death scale injection” and a sign of the biblical Mark of the Beast, an indicator of the End Times from the Book of Revelation:

Well, you know, in the Bible, it says that, you know, we would know and we’d make the decision to take the Mark of the Beast intentionally, so that is why I do not believe that the actual vaccine — the COVID-19 vaccine — is the Mark of the Beast. However, everything they have aligned — the mandates, the inability to travel… the inability to buy and sell, go to the grocery store — you know, we’re already seeing it in other countries and other continents, like Australia. This is all part of the Beast system. It’s a precursor to the Mark of the Beast that is coming next. You know, they said that there’s gonna be a mass deception

I think this is a mass death scale injection.

Yes, there is a mass deception going on — you just watched it. Good luck translating that word salad. It’s amazing that her comments can be both indecipherable yet still obviously wrong.

Look, we had the chance to get this right back in the spring of 2020: Stay home, wear masks, and get vaccinated as soon as it becomes available. We didn’t do it. If an overwhelming number of Americans had cooperated with those guidelines, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. (So much for the biblical mandate to obey authorities.)

When several hundred thousand people (and counting) have died, the kid gloves come off. Drastic measures have to be taken to save lives — and vaccine mandates aren’t even drastic! We have them for so many other diseases! The principle is the same in this situation: Other people’s lives are not more valuable than your alleged “freedom.”

This isn’t complicated unless your mission is to spread misinformation in the name of Christianity.

(via Right Wing Watch)