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Mark Taylor, the so-called “firefighter prophet” and the subject of the Liberty University-connected film The Trump Prophecy, has found a new way to keep his name in the headlines: by claiming that former President Barack Obama will soon be executed for treason.

But Democrats need not worry. Obama plans to use his Kenyan citizenship to escape it!

“[In 2015] I prophesied that President Obama would be ripped and stripped of the presidency,” Taylor said. “How you rip a president of the title called president? The only way I know of is to be charged with treason.”

“This guy has committed so many treasonous acts,” he added. “This guy is the biggest fraud in American history. He wasn’t even born here.

He then added: “I personally hope he does claim Kenyan citizenship, because the second he does, he’s ripped and stripped of the presidency.”

What treasonous acts did Obama commit besides not living up to the deranged birth certificate fantasies of FOX News hosts? Well, he wore a tan suit once.

Meanwhile, the list of treasonous acts for the current president gets longer by the hour. Taylor is in no hurry to do anything about those.

(via Right Wing Watch)