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Right-wing blogger Matt Walsh, last seen defending Alabama’s cruel anti-abortion law because it would prove rapes occurred, gleefully illustrated how little he understands about the very book he claims to hold dear.

Responding to the criticism of Republicans’ treatment of refugees by saying Jesus and His family were refugees in their time, Walsh argued that was untrue:

This is the very definition of “splitting hairs.” It’s irrelevant which territory Egypt was technically part of at the time because the whole reason Jesus’ parents fled the scene, according to the Bible, was because their lives were in danger. It’s the same reason scores of refugees are willing to undergo a dangerous journey from their countries of origin into this one. When the alternative is almost certain death, you’ll do anything to spare your family.

Thankfully, plenty of people on Twitter were eager to correct Walsh’s historical revisionism.

Leave it to a self-proclaimed follower of Christ to use Christmas to argue in favor of separating families at the border. For a guy who loves Nativity scenes, he still hasn’t learned the basics of that story.