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Just last week, former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann claimed a Joe Biden victory would turn our country into a Communist nation within the first 100 days.

She hasn’t stopped making wild claims — what else is new? — and her latest one is comparing the Religious Right to the biblical character David (the underdog in this scenario) to Goliath (i.e. the monster that is voting by mail):

She said this during a phone call on Friday for the group Intercessors for America.

…​ Bachmann spent much of her time pushing the right wing’s fear-mongering narrative about more people voting by mail this year due to the pandemic, calling it a “scam” and “cheat by mail.” She said the problem was too big for people to solve, but not for God. Recounting the famous biblical story of David and Goliath, she said, “By faith we take whatever you have given us, Lord, in our town, and we send that sling straight into the giant of the cheat-by-mail voting.”

There’s no evidence of vote-by-mail fraud. In states where they’ve been doing it for years, it’s a way of life. In most states where it’s not the norm, it’s still simple and citizens can track their ballots with ease. The earlier you do it, the faster you can remedy any potential problems. When we can send and receive medications by mail, send checks and gifts via mail, and submit other bits of sensitive information through the post office, the same could be said of ballots.

If Republicans had more confidence in the people they lead, they wouldn’t be so scared of counting their votes.

This prayerful diatribe is nothing more than glamorized voter suppression.

(via Right Wing Watch)