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Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn of Mississippi’s First Harvest Ministries, last seen claiming Donald Trump would absolutely be a two-term president because God never said it would be consecutive terms, still says Trump will make a comeback if Christians support the Republican Party’s attempts to restrict voting rights:

“We’ve got to prepare the way for him to return,” Vaughn said. “John the Baptist, the Bible said that he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘Prepare for the way of the Lord.’ In other words, the Lord was soon to come, and John’s job was to prepare the way for his coming. Well, ladies and gentlemen, much like John the Baptist, we must prepare the way, to make straight the crooked paths in America and our election system. We must prepare for the return of Donald Trump.”

It’s not saying much about Vaughn’s God if the only way he can fulfill God’s plan is by getting Christians to lie and cheat their way to victory. Because let’s be honest: That’s all these voter suppression bills do. They create unnecessary obstacles that make it harder for people of color, and students, and those without money to vote because those groups typically vote for Democrats. Republicans are doing this by limiting the times people can vote in-person, making it tougher to vote by mail, or creating new hurdles by way of voter ID laws. All to fix a “problem” that doesn’t actually exist — certainly not in any meaningful way.

There are many crooked paths in the American voting system — but not the ones Vaughn thinks.

(via Right Wing Watch)