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Are you a good man?

If so, prepare to be destroyed. At least, that’s what Vision America founder and pastor Rick Scarborough says will happen if the ACLU succeeds. At something.

He made the comments during an interview on the Charisma Podcast Network. At one point, he talked about how then-Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore had installed a Ten Commandments monument into the courthouse, only to lose a lawsuit and have it removed.

Scarborough also points out that “for more than 200 years, this nation’s leaders made no apology for the acknowledgement of God. Undeterred, the [11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals] cited the abridgement of the separation clause” in its judgment against Judge Roy Moore and the public display of the Ten Commandments.

“But [Moore] serves as an example of what the left will do to anyone who on behalf of Jesus Christ takes a bold and public stand,” Scarborough says. “We are living increasingly in the age of lawlessness. And if the ACLU and their allies are going to succeed, then good men have to be destroyed.

In case you need a reminder, “good man” Roy Moore not only broke the law with those Commandments, he was accused of molesting a child. The ACLU didn’t take down Roy Moore. Roy Moore took down Roy Moore.

Scarborough never actually gives any specific examples of how the ACLU is bad for America. Apparently, fighting for the civil rights of people conservative Christians consider deviant — like gay and trans people — is just a bridge too far. It must also frustrate him that the ACLU defends religious freedom for everyone instead of Christians only.

Incidentally, evangelical publication Christianity Today once published an editorial defending the ACLU, which ought to be an indication to Scarborough that he’s gone off the deep end with this accusation. (Though he would probably consider the publication to be heretical.)

Not every organization made up of people who don’t share your exact beliefs is out to get you.

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