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Christian evangelist Mario Murillo, who claimed last year that God sent Donald Trump to “save” people from Democrats and that none of the Capitol rioters “were Trump supporters,” is now extremely worried about a different threat: “Wokeness.”

Murillo said during a recent interview with conservative Christian publisher Stephen Strang that God was exposing “wokism” in the church, but pastors needed to become modern-day General Pattons to help God win this (imaginary) war.

… Murillo told Strang that revival is at hand because, he asserted, God is exposing what Murillo claimed were attributes of what he called “wokeness”: racism, hypocrisy, and what he described as the “radical nature of cancel culture.”

Murillo said that Christians need to reread the biblical book of Esther to understand how to counter what the right calls “cancel culture.” In the story, Esther intervened with the king to save her people from a planned genocide. Murillo said she was put in such a position by God “for the sake of resisting evil law,” something he said “the church has forgotten how to do.”

Murillo apparently wants to battle the “evil” of… civil rights and a true understanding of our nation’s history.

To criticize “cancel culture” is especially ironic, considering that the Religious Right practically invented canceling those who crossed their line long before it had a name. (Raise your hand if you were a Christian growing up in the 80s and 90s and forbidden to watch Disney movies, listen to rock music, celebrate Halloween, or even enjoy the work of Christian celebrities who did something unbiblical (like listen to the music of Amy Grant after she got divorced.)

Let’s not forget that the Christian group One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,154) basically cancels a secular company every week.

It’s one thing to oppose Democrats for being pro-choice or pro LGBTQ equality. But Murillo seems to have no criticism for the Republicans who fight against affordable healthcare, refuse to welcome refugees, or oppose legislation to help people in poverty.

(via Right Wing Watch)