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Always one to find and promote a conspiracy where there isn’t one, right-wing hate-preacher Greg Locke says he’s ready to use his Second Amendment right to protect his First… even though literally no one is trying to prevent him from speaking.

Locke wrongly thinks conservatives who spread COVID lies and election conspiracies have some First Amendment right to broadcast their views on every social media site. And he’ll shoot his imaginary enemies the first chance he gets.

He explained this to host Stew Peters of Red Voice Media:

This conservative censorship is true across the board. I’ve been banned from, you know, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook has banned me, put me in jail many, many times. I’m sure you and your program, being as bold as it is, you’ve experienced the exact same thing. And so people that say that this is not an attack have lost their mind. This is an absolute attack on our First Amendment right.

And I tell people all the time: Look, when it comes to our church, and what we need to say, and remaining open, that when they impede upon our First Amendment right, we’ll meet them at the door of the tent with our Second Amendment right.

Because, look, they are trying to silence us. And I think our compromise is our silence. The fact that we are not willing to push back…

To be clear: Private websites are not obligated to spread hate speech or dangerous lies on their platforms. Their rules are not bound by the First Amendment. The Founding Fathers didn’t include the Right to Tweet Anything You Want in the Constitution.

And the government has an obligation to protect public health. So when they issue restrictions on all public gatherings due to the pandemic — and churches can easily just stream services online, as many have done — Locke suggests that he would shoot those government employees.

If a Muslim, or atheist, or other non-Christian attempted to kill people looking out for everyone’s best interests, it would arguably get more coverage…

But when Locke does it, it’s just another day that ends in “day.”

(via Right Wing Watch)