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According to Nebraska preacher and false prophet Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries, fellow conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell has been sent from Heaven to overturn the election results and reinstate Donald Trump in the White House.

(And with that one sentence, you may have won Right-wing Bingo.)

“There’s a scripture that says, ‘There was a man sent from Heaven, and his name was John,’” Kunneman said, quoting John 1:6. “There’s a man sent from Heaven named Mike Lindell that God is using to wake up America with a different kind of awakening, and it’s called a great awakening to the truth.”

Kunneman claimed that he had prophesied in August 2020 that there would be an effort to steal the election but there would “come a great unmasking” that would result in the “removal of political figures.” (For the record, Kunneman’s current interpretation of his August 2020 “prophecy” is quite different from what he actually “prophesied” at the time.)

Considering that Lindell’s post-pillow claim to fame involves repeatedly spreading all kinds of easily debunkable lies, maybe comparing him to a prophet isn’t good marketing for Christianity.

Either way, guys like Kunneman really need to stop putting dates on their “prophecies”; it just makes them look like bigger fools when those dates come and go with nothing happening. The election results aren’t in doubt. Biden is president. And it’s abundantly clear that Republicans don’t believe they can ever win national elections fairly — or with a popular vote — which is why complaining about the results and suppressing the vote are the only items in their current playbook.

The same people who told liberals in 2016 to “suck it up” should listen to their own advice.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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