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Right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles has spent much of the past year spreading COVID conspiracies that range from Bill Gates using the vaccine to impose the Mark of the Beast to claiming that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be tortured until he confesses that he helped create the virus.

Now, with no evidence whatsoever (shocking), Wiles says the vaccines contain eggs that release parasites into your body.

And if you had to reread that sentence because it didn’t make any sense… well, that’s Rick Wiles for you.

This is a global coup d’état by the most evil cabal of all people on the planet, in the history of mankind, and if it is not stopped in the very near future, they will win. That’s what’s at stake: control of the world.

They’re planting — they’re putting eggs in people’s bodies… If you didn’t see yesterday’s TruNews, you need to watch it. It’s an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite. It grows inside your body.

This is like a sci-fi nightmare. And it’s happening in front of us.

You don’t need to watch “yesterday’s TruNews” to know none of that will ever make any sense. Maybe the most incredible thing about it is how Wiles can say this with a straight face. Or maybe that none of his co-hosts chime in with a “Citation needed.” Then again, when you’re speaking to fellow conspiracists, you know they’ll never ask for more details. That’s just not how conspiracies work. Gullible people will believe just about anything that’s said with confidence and conviction.

And while Joe Biden is far from perfect, it seems like at least a little bit of a stretch to jump to “most evil cabal of all people” in all of history. There’s Attila the Hun… Hitler… the North Korean dictators… maybe even another president… maybe even the last president… I’m just saying there are options.

It wouldn’t be a stretch, though, to say the only “evil” thing that could “win” is the virus — which it very well could if people keep refusing vaccinations, allowing COVID to mutate and get stronger. The number of unvaccinated versus vaccinated deaths speak for themselves.

The vaccine works, yet for some reason, Wiles would rather help kill off his own base.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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