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Right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles, who recently said COVID-19 was infecting synagogues because Jews oppose Jesus Christ, has a brand new reason to condemn Jewish people: They’re the reason that abortion clinics are still open, and pornography isn’t illegal.

(Given that most American Jews are liberal, however, I’m sure many will see no problem with this.)

He made the comments on his “TruNews” show earlier this week, saying Donald Trump should use the pandemic to shut down abortion clinics nationwide and ban online adult content. And then, in true form, he said Trump would never do that because he’s controlled by Jews.

President Trump should use his emergency powers to seize all abortion clinics and turn them into COVID-19 medical centers,” he continued. “What’s preventing him from doing it? The people who read the Talmud. His son-in law and his daughter, that’s who. But he could do it. He could use those presidential emergency powers, he could have the military seize every abortion clinic in America and turn those medical clinics — the abortion baby butcher shops — turn those facilities into treatment care centers for people who are sick. I’d like to see him do it.”

He could also order all online pornography to be shut down because the internet is overloaded,” Wiles added. “There is a lot of stuff he could do if he wanted to do it, but he’s not doing it because I know who owns the pornography industry, [it’s] the same people that control the abortion industry, and they all read the Talmud, so he’s not going to do it.”

It’s downright hysterical that Wiles thinks we’re a “Talmudic nation” given how just about every major government branch is dominated by evangelical Christians. (Props for at least knowing what the Talmud is, though.)

If Trump were truly “owned” by Jews (and not evangelicals), I assure you he would not be trying his damnedest to roll back LGBTQ rights, ignore the global climate crisis, or lending any credibility to people who think COVID-19 can be cured with prayer alone.

(via Right Wing Watch)