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Pastor Robert Henderson, who said in 2019 that Donald Trump‘s re-election was already secured in “the courts of heaven” and who desperately needed cash to defeat Satan’s “One World System,” said in a recent livestream that he was wearing an American flag shirt in order to remind God that the U.S. needs His help.

Because, otherwise, how would an omnipotent deity know any better?

God said to me, ‘When you stand before me in this, it causes me to remember the United States of America. It causes me to remember your nation because I have positioned you to represent the culture before me,’” Henderson said. “So that’s why I have this shirt on … because I am standing on behalf of the United States of America and God’s purpose for this nation.”

“I want to ask, Lord, that you would help us tonight,” Henderson later wept, “to stand and to run the race, Lord, with President Donald J. Trump, and to see him reelected, and to see everything moved out of the way that would legally claim a right to deny him the office of the president, Father, for another four years. I’m asking that you would help us to do this. Lord, he can’t do that. He doesn’t even understand that dimension — I know that’s true — but we do, Lord, and so I’m asking you to help us do for him what he can’t do for himself, that you would help us, that you would help us, in our weakness, Lord, that you will help us.”

That was a strange twist near the end, suggesting Trump isn’t truly spiritual enough to ask for God’s help, and that’s why people like him needed to beseech God on Trump’s behalf. (It’s like he’s becoming self-aware!)

But back to the shirt. Is Henderson saying that if he wore a different shirt, God would forget about this country? What about other countries? (#AllCountriesMatter!) Where in Henderson’s Bible does he get any evidence that God prioritizes the United States over any other place? So many questions.

Whatever the answers, it’s also telling how Henderson wants God to give him preferential treatment over a symbolic piece of cloth rather than addressing the needs of actual Americans. A politician who says things like “Make America Great Again” can’t ignore how his actions have actually made life worse — or at least more difficult — for scores of people. Yet Henderson isn’t quite ready to criticize Trump for making the country worse. He’s too busy securing God’s help so that Trump can hurt even more people.

It would be ironic, though, if God sent him to Hell for desecrating the flag.

(via Right Wing Watch)