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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Sarah Palin — thank goodness — but the proto-Trumpian former Republican presidential running mate and Alaskan governor was asked during a recent interview with New Apostolic Reformation leader Ché Ahn if she’d ever consider running for Senate. After all, there’s an election in Alaska next year and more moderate Republican Lisa Murkowski may not win the GOP primary.

Palin’s answer? She would do it… but only if God gave her the green light and she had more support from conservative Christians. (What happens if God says yes but voters say no? She doesn’t say.)

Ahn asked Palin if she would consider running for U.S. Senate from Alaska; she said she would have to pray about it, suggesting that it would be a big sacrifice to leave her home in “God’s country” for the hostile “bubble” of Washington, D.C. “If God wants me to do it, I will,” she said. But, she added, Christians would have to do a better job supporting her than they did during her run for the White House.

You could say that the Trump administration was one of the best things to happen to Palin’s hypothetical campaign: The bar for a functional president is six feet under at this point. But even Palin’s 2008 version of incompetence and ignorance mixed with unearned confidence pales in comparison to the even more conspiratorial Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene. And even if she were to play up the conspiracy rhetoric and sprinkle more faith into it, it’s not clear that Republican voters are ready to support a female candidate.

All the more reason for Palin to just assume God sent her the right message in 2008: He doesn’t want her anywhere near power.

(via Right Wing Watch. Featured image via Shutterstock)

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