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Right-wing activist Scott Lively was one of the inspirations behind Uganda’s infamous “Kill the Gays” bill in 2014 which criminalized homosexuality, in some cases, with the death penalty. Like many conservatives, though, Lively believes he’s a victim of persecution when it’s him doing the persecuting.

That hasn’t changed. On Sunday, during an online Bible study, Lively claimed Christians needed an “Underground Railroad” — for themselves — before they begin a violent revolution. All because of the socialist “Beast government” that will inevitably be imposed on them during the pandemic:

“We’re going to need to have something like an Underground Railroad in which believers who are fleeing persecution are going to be able to have some way of escape,” he continued. “If these people truly are intending to destroy America so they can bring in their global socialist system, or even a nationalist socialist system, then violence is appropriate in response in the most measured possible way. That’s the idea. If at all possible, you disarm the zombies trying to kill you without hurting them. But if it’s not possible, you do whatever is necessary to stop them from killing you and your family or putting you into slavery. That I believe is the duty of an American.”

You have to love the co-opting of the Underground Railroad, which was created to assist an actual minority in their escape to actual freedom. Are Christians literally enslaved in America? Are they literally beaten for minor infractions? The answer to both of those questions is a resounding no. (Are they metaphorically enslaved or beaten or persecuted or powerless? Also a resounding no.)

If Christians are persecuted, I would love to know which group Lively wants to swap places and political power with.

As for starting a violent revolution, well, so much for Jesus’ advice to turn the other cheek.

There are legitimate reasons to critique federal and state governments, but Lively doesn’t seem to be aware of any of them. He finds conspiracies in quarantines designed to save lives. Given his history, though, it’s not surprising that Lively has a problem with governments that try to save lives instead of end them.

(via Right Wing Watch)