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Activist Janet Boynes recently published a warning for Christian women in Charisma: Stay away from the #MeToo movement, or else God’s going to be very upset.

It doesn’t sound like Boynes knows what the #MeToo movement even is, since her “warning” has nothing to do with speaking up and speaking out about sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. I’m also not inclined to take seriously the advice of someone who describes herself as a “former lesbian,” as if you can just turn it off.

Boynes wrote this in an article ostensibly about Meghan Markle‘s feminism:

In the past, while living as a lesbian for 14 years, my beliefs were far to the left and I supported women’s rights. When I look at all of the women who have left the homosexual lifestyle, and knowing the hate they have for men, this #MeToo movement could lead even Christian women in the wrong direction. I would never want them to lose what the Lord has taught us in the word regarding His order. He made us, and He knows best how men and women are meant to go through life together, submitting to one another and humbling themselves before the Father.

Hear that, lesbians? You’re only lesbians because you hate men. This is a fact. Boynes knows it. Somehow, it never occurred to Boynes that women’s frustration with (or mistrust of) men might stem from men behaving badly and not anything associated with #MeToo.

But instead of holding men accountable for their actions, Boynes chooses to target the LGBTQ community. She also has a message for secular feminists who have been hurt by men:

These injustices were never a part of God’s plan, as the secular progressives would like us to believe and have fueled movements like the Feminist Movement and now the #MeToo Movement. Instead, this is part of the enemy’s plan and our real enemy, as you know, is Satan. He is likened to a “roaring lion who seeks to devour” whomever he can… The main plan of the enemy is to divide and conquer humanity, and right now, it seems he is winning the battle, but of course we know ultimately he loses the war…

To summarize, rape happens because of Satan. So let’s not blame God. Or even the men themselves. Who needs free will, right?

Boynes wraps up her column with some (nonsensical) words about gender equality and how the LGBTQ movement wants to make everyone interchangeable:

While on the surface it seems like a very glorious concept used by the very lettered among us, it can be extremely deceptive. Almighty God created man and woman in His image and as such they are equal, but physically they are different, and hence the roles they play in each other’s life and that of their children are not the same. Their roles must be distinct, or else each can then easily replace the other or be transformed or transitioned to the other. This is in keeping with the LGBT philosophy and what the enemy wants us to believe in these last days. This is not of God and surely not part of God’s plan for humanity.

The last thing we need is more talk about separate but equal.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)