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The Green Book refutes the ‘good old days’

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s not uncommon to see Christians point to 1945-1960 (loosely, “the 1950s”) as some kind of Good Ole Days that were wrecked by mean ole liberals who hate fun. The mythology these Christians believe is that people were much happier back then and that society was much safer and more law-abiding because everyone “knew their place.” Such Christians feel that modern society is making people unhappy–and public spaces more unsafe–because now everything’s all jumbled up and confused. But one book puts the lie to that illusion.

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The National Day of Grandstanding and How It Fails

Reading Time: 9 minutes Last time, I uncovered some interesting links between the National Day of Prayer (NDP) and the Red Scare manufactured by the Religious Right in the 1950s. Today I want to touch on how the “holiday” is practiced in the modern day. This manufactured holiday–such as it is–is nothing less than a perfect symptom of the coming downfall of the religion that its biggest proponents seek to protect and enshrine into power.

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