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John Ramirez: A Star Might Be Fading

Reading Time: 5 minutes He’s carved out a small career for himself by trying to resurrect the old Satanic Panic. Every Halloween for years now, he’s been seeking attention in the more gullible Christian circles with his tall tales. Today, let’s check in on John Ramirez and see how he’s doing this year.

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The Redemption of Johnny Lawrence (LSP #161)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Last week, we had a really good time mocking evangelist Greg Stier for idolizing Johnny Lawrence as the villain of the new show Cobra Kai. But the comparison has stuck with me ever since I heard it a while ago. There’s something fundamentally broken in evangelical leaders if they don’t understand the […]

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Weaponized Pet Names: Recognize This Control-Grab

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! I find inspiration in the strangest places sometimes. Case in point: this story from Cheat Sheet about a TV show called 90-Day Fiance. In it, an unpopular star repeatedly calls his ex-girlfriend ‘sweetheart’ in one of this show’s ‘tell-alls.’ And the show’s fans exploded in outrage. They were right to take offense at his use […]

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‘Atheist Overreach’ Explains Atheological Metaphysics

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been reading and discussing Christian Smith’s 2019 book Atheist Overreach. In part of it, he accuses a noted scholar and bestselling author of atheological metaphysics. Today, let’s examine what that is, and why it doesn’t exist — except in the minds of Christians who desperately need a way to negate […]

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How Religion Hijacks the Weirdness of Liminal Spaces (Pre-Easter Post)

Reading Time: 10 minutes I want to dive into the way that liminal spaces affect us–and how they’ve impacted humanity’s view of religion ever since we realized what they were. Often, they’re at least partially responsible for those sometimes-spooky, mysterious experiences people have that they can’t explain: That One Weird Thing That Happened Once (TOWTTHO), which they often attribute to the supernatural. But they’re not supernatural. They’re perfectly natural. And today, I’ll show you how they work.

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Briefly Escaping a Hotel Gala in ‘This Present Darkness’ (LSP #132, Ch. 18)

Reading Time: 10 minutes In this installment, the bad guy’s closest servant turns out to be a whistleblower, while angels help out way more than usual while somehow being way less helpful than they really should be, and we learn how little Frank Peretti knows about women’s fashion in the 1980s. Today, Lord Snow Presides over Christians’ illusions and mythology about prayer and angels.

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