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Prophecy: All These False Prophets Need to Quit Messing Up the Game!

Reading Time: 8 minutes As soon as evangelicals staged their January 6th insurrection attempt, I knew we’d be seeing the usual infighting afterward. And yes, we sure did. Almost immediately, Christians sprang into action there. One group seemed especially upset, though, and that was self-styled Christian prophets who hadn’t signed on with the insurrection attempt. Now, they’re doing their best to […]

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Beliefs vs. Behavior: Evangelicals’ Redefinition of Occam’s Razor

Reading Time: 13 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, I mentioned briefly that White evangelicals’ own stated beliefs regarding racism contrast mightily with their actual often-very-racist behavior. Indeed, a lot of the awful stuff these Christians do should be impossible for people holding their stated beliefs. This whole topic came to me a bit ago, when we talked about an Evangelical’s […]

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The Evangelical Reckoning That Will Never Happen

Reading Time: 5 minutes After Donald Trump supporters attacked the nation’s Capitol Building on Wednesday, I noticed some evangelical leaders saying there’d be some big ‘reckoning’ due for American evangelicals. It made me laugh. Evangelicals don’t do reckonings. There’ll be no reckoning for evangelicals, not even now, not even after all the stunts they’ve pulled to regain their lost dominance. Today, let me show you why.

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