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Fear and Rage: Evangelicals’ Two Responses to Their Diminishing Power

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, I showed you an evangelical’s request that his tribe quit thinking so transactionally. Indeed, Mark Wingfield wanted evangelicals to change their approach not just to religion, but also to politics. He thinks evangelicals’ transactional mindset is absolutely tanking their sales — along with their reputation as a business. Whatever’s actually behind evangelicals’ losses, […]

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Election 2020: Fundagelicals’ Post-Truth Bizarro World

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hi and welcome back! This past week, I read some absolutely astonishing stories about fundagelicals, those wild and wackadoodle fusions of evangelicals with fundamentalists. For years now, they’ve occupied their own bubble of reality. Indeed, the Shitposter-in-Chief, Donald Trump, has been pandering his little heart out to them in the wake of his loss to […]

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Dominion & Election Fraud Nonsense

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sidney Powell is a Grade A batsh!t crazy conspiracy theorist nutjob. Yes, my evaluation may be unprofessional but I seek to match the professionalism with which she is collecting her “evidence” and presenting her findings. I need not detail the utterly ridiculous assertions she is making about the dead-7-years Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, Cuba and “probably […]

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A Lesson in Probability to a Twit

Reading Time: 8 minutes A long time commenter here (See Noevo Twit), who has contributed precisely nothing to any conversation he has been involved in bar annoyance, is not long for these boards. It finally came to a head and I announced he would be banned after the election given: a) if Trump won, he would be incorrigibly smug; […]

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Benford’s Law and Election Fraud

Reading Time: < 1 minute Some Trump supporters and media outlets have stated that Biden’s vote distribution in certain places are evidence of election fraud because the data goes against something called Benford’s Law. This has since been shown to be nonsense. The following video (thanks to a thread commenter – 3lemenope? – for posting it) explains why this is […]

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This Circus, and the Hypocrisy, Was All So Predictable

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s all still happening, sadly. Trump and his acolytes are still maintaining this circus. But it’s not like we weren’t warned. By Hillary Clinton, for example. We were also warned by Trump’s own behaviour: In the 2016 primaries and election and before, Trump: 1) Accused Obama of not being a legitimate candidate. 2) Accused Ted […]

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What Do You Do about This A-Grade Delusion?

Reading Time: 3 minutes This sack of nuts, from Pastor Greg Locke:   I have no idea what one does about this off-the-scale level of delusion. It beggars belief. Also,  the rise of Newsmax and OAN is disturbing – the quality is shockingly low as the propaganda levels are high. And then there is the apparent fact that […]

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