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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inHealthcare

Vasectomies are suddenly a hot birth-control option

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why are vasectomies cool again? Since the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year overturned Roe v Wade, a landmark 1973 federal law legalizing abortion nationwide, urologic healthcare providers have reported a sharp uptick in men seeking vasectomies—the male equivalent of women “having their tubes tied.” With more than a dozen states banning abortion outright and […]

Posted inPolitics

Nonreligious voters gave Democrats crucial wins. Will people notice?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Two trends in America are finally converging in a way that could become the dominant story of future elections: More Americans are leaving organized religion, and nonreligious voters are crucial to Democrats and their agenda. The Associated Press, which conducts a massive survey called the AP VoteCast, says that voters without any religious affiliation—roughly 22% […]

Posted inReproductive rights

Catholic extremist: When politics fails us, violence ‘must always be an option’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yesterday, Michael Voris, the founder of the right-wing Catholic website Church Militant, told his followers that violence “must always be an option” in the political arena. He added that any suggestion that violence should be avoided went against Catholic doctrine: “Remember the Crusades?” Now we are in a pitched battle in the political arena—the last […]

Posted inPolitics, Reproductive rights

Pastor insists NM Gov. candidate told him he hopes to ban abortion

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mark Ronchetti, the Republican running to become governor of New Mexico, appears to be telling powerful Christian pastor Steve Smotherman that he wants to end abortion entirely within the state… while pretending to be less extreme on the matter whenever he speaks to a different audience. We know this because the pastor keeps telling his […]

Posted inReproductive rights

Christian hate-preacher: Abortion doctors must be mutilated and murdered

Reading Time: 2 minutes In response to a viral campaign ad showing police arresting a woman who obtained an abortion, Christian hate-preacher Joe Jones said he hoped that hypothetical situation became a reality, adding that he wanted abortion doctors to be mutilated and executed. The ad in question comes from Rep. Eric Swalwell of California. He depicted a future […]

Posted inReproductive rights

Catholic hospitals are wrecking reproductive health care

Reading Time: 6 minutes Among the many, many consequences of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade is the spotlight it has placed on Catholic hospitals across the country with regards to reproductive health care. In states where abortion rights are severely restricted—especially in those states—it’s more important than ever that women have access to healthcare when their […]

Posted inReproductive rights

Herschel Walker paid for an abortion. His Christian supporters won’t care.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last night, The Daily Beast published evidence that Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, a “proud pro-life Christian,” had literally written a check to a woman he impregnated so she could have an abortion. That happened months after he had an out-of-wedlock child with another woman—a detail that the woman who obtained the abortion did not […]

Posted inLaw

Oklahoma senator: God rewarded my state for its abortion ban by making it rain

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Friday, during the Pray Vote Stand Summit hosted by Christian hate-group Family Research Council, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford claimed that God showed approval for his state’s extreme abortion ban by… making it rain. Speaking with FRC president Tony Perkins, Lankford insisted the rain was a clear and literal sign from above: PERKINS: … I […]

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