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‘Use as example’: Southern Baptist self-protection in action

Reading Time: 11 minutes The whole document is horrifying reading. But one line in it particularly caught my eye. It read, “Use as example.” Today, we’ll look at this so-called “example” that the SBC’s leaders wanted to stand out as a perfect example of sexual predators in SBC ministerial ranks. Along the way, maybe we’ll see just why the people behind this document wanted to use this particular person, Perez Blackmon, as their ur-example.

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Hosea was no hero

Reading Time: 7 minutes Yahweh promised them they wouldn’t have to develop advanced weaponry or curry the favor of neighboring nations because he himself would protect them. Their primary weapons were thoughts and prayers, and for some reason those weren’t enough to keep Israel from being invaded and taken over again, and again, and again.

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Op-ed: Paris trial sent an appalling message to clerical abusers

Reading Time: 3 minutes LAST month, the Pope’s former Ambassador to France, ex-Papal Nuncio Luigi Ventura, above, was tried for sexually assaulting five young men, including a Paris City Hall official. One of the complainants’ lawyers suggested that the charges represented ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Ventura, who fled France to return to the Vatican, was found guilty and […]

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Donald Trump Jr. and the Lessons Authoritarians Learn

Reading Time: 6 minutes One long-running interest of mine has been authoritarianism — and its effects on individuals. We got a real object lesson in that topic this week. Donald Trump Jr. released a video a few days ago in which he released his most cringey weirdness yet. Today, let me show you what he said — and how his behavior reveals his authoritarian nature and upbringing.