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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inHealth, Politics

Coronavirus: Judge Rules Alabama Can’t Block Abortions; Poland Seeks to Tighten

Reading Time: 2 minutes Coronavirus is a potential smokescreen to getting all sorts of things done or not done. Abortion is of particular target in the context of American jurisprudence. Alabama has certainly been in the headlines: A federal judge has ruled that Alabama cannot ban abortions as part of the state’s response to the coronavirus. US district judge […]

Posted inPolitics

The Stupidity of Abortion Lawmakers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let’s whet your appetite: how did abortions get banned faster than assault rifles — Tay☁️ (@taywildin) 15 May 2019 Birth control? BAN IT!! Abortion? BAN IT!! What about guns? Look, banning things never works. People will find ways to get them#AlabamaAbortionBan — Debbie Redd (@DREDD_48) 15 May 2019 Maybe if we start calling our body […]

Posted inReligion

How Fundagelical Leaders Will Reassure the Tribe After Roy Moore’s Defeat

Reading Time: 9 minutes Many political commentators have noted that the election wasn’t just a statement from voters who rejected Moore’s antics, but also one regarding the entire American Republican Party itself–and maybe even toxic Christianity itself, which is the social movement that allowed Roy Moore to succeed for as long as he did. So obviously Christian leaders have their work cut out for them in formulating a response to their increasing rejection by the rest of society. But they probably won’t pick a very good way to respond, and today I’ll show you why I say that.

Posted inReligion

A “Second Glance” at the Subculture That Produced Roy Moore.

Reading Time: 17 minutes When the accusations began flowing against bigot-for-Jesus Roy Moore, that movie showed us exactly why Roy Moore almost certainly committed the crimes he is accused of committing. In this movie, we see the beginnings–the roots, if you will–of the worldview that has brought Christians in that end of the religion to a place where they enthusiastically support someone who routinely preyed upon underage girls. I’ll show you those roots today, and why they inevitably lead to such abuse.

Posted inLGBTQ, Religion

Another Day, Another TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Hypocrite

Reading Time: 13 minutes In the lifetime of this blog, we’ve talked often about how hypocritical the most fervent Christians always turn out to be. We’ve established many times that hypocrisy isn’t a fluke or aberration of the religion but an absolutely inevitable outcome of its various teachings. In the wake of some absolutely explosive new allegations against one of Christianity’s most valiant culture warriors, we turn our attention once again to this simple fact.

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