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Atheists win $16,000 settlement against Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert

Reading Time: 3 minutes The state of Arkansas is $16,000 poorer today after State Senator Jason Rapert agreed to a settlement in his legal battle to avoid online criticism from atheists. After the state pays the atheists’ court costs, Rapert will have to unblock certain atheist constituents on Twitter and provide “written documentation showing possible wrongdoing” if he wants […]

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Judge: Lawmaker who blocked atheists on Twitter must hand over documents

Reading Time: 3 minutes Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert has lost yet another legal battle in his pathetic quest to avoid online criticism from atheists. It’s the latest twist in a battle that started in 2018, when American Atheists filed a lawsuit against the lawmaker best known for erecting an unconstitutional Ten Commandments monument outside the State Capitol. They […]

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Help Me Do What I Do Through Patreon

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the quirks of being me is that I don’t like asking for help. Growing up I also seem to have absorbed the notion that “real work” involves making things, doing things with your hands, fixing things, etc. Writing was never a job that I saw modeled as a for-real job.  But it turns […]

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Southern Atheists Unite!

Reading Time: 2 minutes I could use your help with something.  David Silverman over at American Atheists has announced that next year’s big national convention will be held in Memphis, TN, which is Deep South territory.  But I’m discovering that getting the word out to groups of skeptics around this region is really difficult!  For one thing, “freethinkers” don’t […]

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War on Christmas?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is the zombie atheist army conducting a War on Christmas? Are atheists unlawfully curtailing the rightful place of Christian displays in public places? Or are we seeing the opposite—Christian displays imposed on the state-supported public square in violation of the Constitution?

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