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Yes, Virginia, There Is An Obi-Wan.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Australia, like most countries do, holds a census every so often to figure out how their population is changing over time. One of their census questions asks about respondents’ religious affiliation. And that is the beginning of a story that seems too weird to be true–a story that tells us one reason why the concept of church and state separation is so important.

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Another Liar For Jesus Has Been Denied.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi! Did you enjoy your feast of tears? (Fat-free and zero calories!) Today we’re going to serve up the next course by looking at the curious case of John Freshwater, a middle-school science teacher and fundagelical zealot from Ohio who has finally gotten fully denied his attempts to coyly–and illegally–introduce religious indoctrination into his classroom. […]

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The Cosmic Freakout Over Cosmos

Reading Time: 11 minutes I shouldn’t be surprised anymore about how poorly fundamentalists understand the word “faith.” They don’t have the faintest idea what it really means, so they tend to twist the word’s various false meanings around and around as necessary to try to force their way into other people’s lives. I don’t seriously think they have the […]

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The Great Debate (Wasn’t So Great After All)

Reading Time: 11 minutes Ken Ham and Bill Nye had a big debate recently. I was of two minds about watching the debate at all. It seemed like such a waste of time. I mean, really: it seems like Christian creationists get a lot more out of these things than the reality-endorsing folks do; it seems like it legitimizes […]

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