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QAnon Lies, and People Die

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! News of the COVID-19 surge has been unrelentingly awful. One theme dominates that news, too: almost all of the people dying in this surge are unvaccinated. Sure, some of those unvaccinated folks just never got A Round Tuit. But a lot of others have turned out to be victims of the […]

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How Christians Are (Not) Coping With the Rise in Churchless Believers

Reading Time: 8 minutes Recently, I showed you this new Gallup poll bearing yet more bad news for Christians (here’s the original story). In it, we learned that fewer than half of Gallup’s survey respondents said they belonged to a church. Church-belonging Christians now represent a minority in America. And you can guess that Christian leaders — especially from the really authoritarian, reality-challenged flavors — don’t like that poll at all. Today, let me show you some responses to the news, and what I discovered when I went to find out what Christians plan to do about it.

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Cognitive Dissonance: Christian Prayer Edition

Reading Time: 9 minutes Recently, we talked about cognitive dissonance — that unpleasant feeling of tension someone gets when they realize they hold two contradictory beliefs. Christians face that tension all the time and about every belief involved with the religion (supernatural and earthly). Unfortunately, they don’t deal with that tension very well. Today, I want to show you how Christians’ beliefs in prayer create cognitive dissonance — and how they deal (poorly) with it.