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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

Antiprocess: How Christians Deal With Challenges to Their Beliefs

Reading Time: 11 minutes When people receive information that challenges a cherished belief, they have at their disposal a number of methods to help them negate that information. We call those methods antiprocess. The further from reality the belief is, the more antiprocess believers bring to bear to protect it–so you can imagine that authoritarian Christians bring their A game to that task! Today, I’ll show you how antiprocess works, how it looks in the wild, and what it means for Christianity’s future.

Posted inReligion

Jesus, Santa Claus, and the Putting Away of Childish Things

Reading Time: 10 minutes Often, ex-Christians describe deconversion as being very similar to children realizing there’s no Santa Claus. I know that comparison irks a lot of Christians. And I wish we had a better comparison to offer, because hands down that is the best way I’ve ever heard of describing deconversion. Today, I’ll show you what I mean–and perhaps reveal some details about that comparison that might be new.

Posted inReligion

Yes, MLMs Are A Cult (LSP #71)

Reading Time: 7 minutes I saw a video lately about multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs) and their similarity to classic religious cults. I want to show you this idea in detail–and maybe offer some hope for those who love people who’ve gotten sucked into this predatory business model. Today, Lord Snow Presides over the weird similarity of cults and MLMs!

Posted inReligion

The Broken System: Change From Within (Is Impossible)

Reading Time: 11 minutes Through members’ own effort, goes the logic, they can return the system to its original values, even get it moving again toward its stated goals. But this teaching is as wrong as wrong could ever possibly be. If anything, this teaching is even more wrong than the supernatural claims made in service to that primary mandate.

Posted inReligion

Antiprocess: That Get-Out-of-Uncomfortable-Truths-Free Card

Reading Time: 11 minutes I literally didn’t notice the Bible’s most troublesome passages. I don’t even think I was even capable of noticing them. At the time, I suffered from a malady that appears to strike many Christians: antiprocess. I was reading the words and seeing the pages, sure, but I wasn’t able to clearly perceive what they said. Through antiprocess, I protected myself from a confrontation with some truly challenging new ideas and contradictory information. Here’s how I did it–and why I had to do it.

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