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The two main reasons I left my faith

Reading Time: 5 minutes OnlySky · The two main reasons I left my faith | Neil Carter For us ex-evangelicals, the Christian message was framed as an invitation to a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe. It wasn’t until after we accepted the invitation that they turned around and shamed us for wanting such a thing. It […]

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Saudi state executes apostates. Is U.S. immune to such religious brutality?

Reading Time: 6 minutes I can confirm firsthand from past decades I spent living and working in Saudi Arabia that the desert kingdom’s citizens are—as most Americans are—generally warm, generous, and kindly folks. Extraordinarily so, in fact. But the Saudi government and presumably most citizens also vigorously support the death penalty. Saudis are the Semitic Muslim, political equivalent of […]

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First global study of apostates’ experiences reveals hidden abuse victims

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is from Humanists UK: The first study into the worldwide experiences of apostates – individuals who leave coercive or high-control religious groups or cults – within religious households has revealed a widespread culture of abuse hidden within the home, including intra-familial violence, domestic abuse, and honour-based shunning. The study was published last year and more recently […]

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Craig on Terminating Would-Be Apostates

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here is a recent question to William Lane Craig on his Reasonable Faith website: Hi Dr Craig, I’ve been studying the Perseverance of the Saints and I found your paper on the subject very thought-provoking. I have been wrestling with this subject as of late and there appear to be certain difficulties with the traditional understanding of […]

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Trump’s Religious Freedom Remarks Draw Response from Humanist in Attendance

Reading Time: 2 minutes From the American Humanist Association: At the United Nations Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom event today, President Donald Trump announced the formation of a coalition of U.S. business leaders meant to “encourage the private sector to protect people of all faiths in the workplace.” The American Humanist Association’s executive director, Roy Speckhardt, attended at […]

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Op-ed: Ex-Muslims – a community in protest

Reading Time: 7 minutes When the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) started 11 years ago in June 2007, we were hard pressed to find 25 people who would come out publicly to break the apostasy taboo, writes Maryam Namazie. Today, we are witness to an international ex-Muslim “community” – a tsunami of atheism. For me, though, this has […]

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Episode 6: What I Lost When I Lost My Faith

Reading Time: 11 minutes I’ve written before about how I can identify with Buzz Lightyear in the movie Toy Story. He came out of the box fully programmed to believe he was an elite intergalactic space ranger when in reality he was only a child’s plaything that ran on batteries. When the reality of his existential situation finally crashed […]