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On culture and farming, and the myths surrounding both

Reading Time: 13 minutes We took an unintended hiatus last week for Humanist Book Club, but hopefully for the better. Comments to date on this series suggest that many folks aren’t reading the book directly, but responding to my summaries and analysis of author commentary. This places an added burden to ensure that I’m articulating key points properly, and […]

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Does a newly-discovered Hebrew tablet prove the Bible is older than initially believed?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Christians and Jews have been excited as of late due to an archaeological discovery that has caused quite a stir. A tablet, which contains the words of an ancient Hebrew curse has been found in Israel that pre-dates the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls, whose oldest fragments and scrolls date back to the […]

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Why we need to decolonize our thinking on archaeology

Reading Time: 13 minutes In a world of significant scientific illiteracy, it’s easy to point fingers at “the other side”. Religious extremists, and the politicians who leverage them for power, are a serious problem. But what habits have we formed, and what narrative structures exist in our media, that only make things worse? Today I interrogate my own weaknesses, […]

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Exodus Sidebar: Pitch – You Wouldn’t Let It Lie!

Reading Time: 14 minutes Ah, dag nam it. You wouldn’t let it lie, Armstrong. You wouldn’t let it lie! 😉 Okay, I’ll spare you all the previous, readers. Here are the links: Debunking the Exodus V: Moses’ Birth Exodus Sidebar: Refuting Armstrong’s “Refutation” on Pitch (but Oddly Not Sargon) Exodus Sidebar: More on Moses and Sargon Exodus Sidebar: Sargon […]

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Exodus Sidebar: The Final Pitch Battle

Reading Time: 16 minutes As part of my debunking the Exodus series, I’ve been involved in a prolonged debate with Dave Armstrong, in particular, regarding…pretty much everything I have stated. Let me give you a super-quick synopsis of where we are at. One of my arguments was that the Moses birth story was appropriated from the surrounding culture when […]

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