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SatanCon 0: The truth laid bare

Reading Time: 3 minutes SatanCon 0 was a historic event. In my vocation, it is exceedingly rare to be a party to such an occasion. Inside the hotel grounds and convention, everything was entirely pleasant and jovial. Many of the attendees were reuniting with good friends they hadn’t seen in almost a decade. Others had been online friends for […]

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SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Catholic edition

Reading Time: 8 minutes Out of every strange practice in Christianity, spiritual warfare might just be my favorite of all. Just hearing a Christian use the phrase puts a great big silly happy smile on my face and laughter in my heart. Spiritual warfare is one of those super-context-dependent Christian practices. When removed from its very specific context its practitioners look like they’re playing a Happy Pretendy Fun Time Game — which they always were.

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Arizona “Audit” Finds…An Even Bigger Biden Win

Reading Time: 2 minutes I know you’ve all heard it, but… A partisan, Republican-instigated review of the 2020 election result in Arizona failed to turn up any evidence of widespread fraud, a major blow to Donald Trump and other conspiracy theorists who celebrated the effort. The investigation, which lasted several months, confirmed that Joe Biden did indeed beat Trump in Maricopa […]

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Some More Polling Analysis and Hunter Biden

Reading Time: 4 minutes Here are some interesting points of late: The race, as predicted in the final stages, is tightening to some degree. Even with Rasmussen, who skew Republican big time, have Biden to win 319 Electoral College seats. Given that Trump won the three Rust Belt seats by less than 1% only, again Rasmussen has Biden winning Wisconsin […]