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Dario Robleto—The Special

The season 1 finale of Strange Customs brings Sasha Sagan to an extraordinary Chicago exhibition for a conversation with artist Dario Robleto. Situated at the intersection of art and science, the show also has its inspiration and roots in Sasha’s own family.

We’ll also hear from Harvard art historian Dr. Jennifer Roberts about the ways art and science share a mission to extend our vision beyond the horizon.

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The face of Islam

Reading Time: 5 minutes When art history instructor Erika López Prater wanted to show a painting of Muhammad in her class at Hamline University last semester, she took every precaution. It was a 14th-century work by a Muslim for a Muslim audience honoring the last prophet of Islam. She repeatedly warned students that she would show the picture, both […]

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Labor of Love: How Social Media Lets Passions Connect (LSP #192)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Last night, I was just thinking about how social media has made it so much easier and simpler for those with passions to connect with each other and share what they’re doing. It wasn’t like that when I was younger, that’s for sure. Today, Lord Snow Presides over one of the very best aspects of modern life: how the internet allows a labor of love to be shared so much more easily and widely than ever before.

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The Task Of The Revolutionist Creator

Reading Time: 5 minutes This is a guest piece from Douglas Balmain (who has previously contributed a piece). This is slightly leftfield but no less interesting. Check it out – thanks hugely to him for contributing (let me know if anyone else wishes to): The Task Of The Revolutionist Creator Combating The Censorship Of Societal and Social Influence There […]

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