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Are you intelligent?

Reading Time: 4 minutes How do you know how intelligent you are? Is intelligence about amassing information or knowing what to do with the information you have? Is intelligence genetic, or can you learn it? How would you measure intelligence? Would you frame a series of questions you know you’ll smash because you have the necessary life experience to win? […]

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Pushing back on bias with a Black A.I. | Philip Butler

Dr. Anthony Pinn sits down with Dr. Philip Butler, Assistant Professor of Theology and Black Posthuman Artificial Intelligence Systems at Iliff School of Theology, to discuss the ways artificial intelligence is understood and misunderstood, how our own human intelligence can make the best current and future use of this tool, and how a Black A.I. is pushing back on bias.

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You thought HAL was creepy? Meet Sydney

Reading Time: 4 minutes We’ve already seen what havoc technology-exploiting evil operators can wreak on people and societies. More than 70 million presumably-sensible Americans voted in 2020 for a presidential candidate whose entire political message was—and continues to be—built on easily-shredded tissues of falsehoods.

Yet considering that advances in AI are currently sprinting at breakneck speed into reality, Trump’s seduction of a huge swath of the American electorate was decidedly low-tech.

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Can a Christian be moral? Let’s ask ChatGPT

Reading Time: 2 minutes I asked the new super-artificially-intelligent ChatGPT this question: “Can a Christian be moral?” Here’s what the entity immediately spat out: Yes, a Christian can be moral. Christianity teaches that morality is grounded in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, and that believers should strive to follow his example and teachings in their own lives. […]

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