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Faithless feeling: Does a lack of religion really ‘knock color out of life’?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Once upon a time, we lived in a place of magic and mystery. Everything from astrology to Zoroastrianism cast its spell over us. Then, by gradual shift or system shock, some of us stopped believing. The old stories withered. The world dried out. Everything was under glass, under the microscope, under our thumb. Now everything is known, or at least knowable. Boredom has stilled our once-shimmering world.

This story is told everywhere. And it’s false from beginning to end.

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What is an atheist, really?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In ages past, an ‘atheist’ was the one unsure of the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman pantheons. He doubted the fairies and the forest elves too. No matter the time period, the atheist’s theological suspicions were aroused. And time after time, time proved the atheist right. Suppose an ancient Egyptian doubted the existence of his […]

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Florida man catapults Bibles into Hurricane Ian

Reading Time: 2 minutes Saying he heard God tell him to build a giant trebuchet (catapult) in his backyard, seventy-three-year-old Andrew Canard of Swampy Town, Florida hurled Bibles into Hurricane Ian. His mission was to fight off the Devil’s storm, and the word of God were his weapons. The retired engineer spent last week building a 100-foot tall siege […]

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Christian influencer gets holy water breast implants

Reading Time: 3 minutes Christian influencer Emma Antebellum proudly announced on TikTok that she recently got breast implants that are filled with holy water. My breasts are filled with the Holy Spirit. Emma antebellum The breast implant controversy Breast implants consist of a silicone shell that holds either a silicone jell or saline water. Both are considered safe even […]

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