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Mississippi school to use ‘biblical paddle’ to discipline students

Reading Time: 2 minutes Carthage, Mississippi – The school board for this town of roughly 5,000 souls voted unanimously to bring back corporal punishment in the form of a ‘biblical paddle.’ Parents initiated the seemingly radical move after reading how the Cassville School District in Missouri urged their committee to bring back corporal punishment. Despite the clarity of research condemning […]

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21 reasons why God is unconvincing to atheists

Reading Time: 9 minutes 1.   God as an old white man in the sky is unconvincing. Depictions of God as a human-like (called ‘anthropo-morphism’  = in human form), both in physical shape and in emotional dispositions, have been considered incredible since ancient times. Rendering God as a male humanoid replete with human emotions, even the bad emotions like anger and envy and […]

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One man’s transformative journey from Republican to Democrat

Reading Time: 4 minutes My longtime best pal, Paul Sauser, a recent conservative-Republican-turned-Democrat and an evangelical Christian now uneasily reassessing his faith (without chucking it altogether), has, like many, Americans experienced somewhat of a religious and political transformation in the past few years. He and I have always been a bit of an odd couple, as it were—him long […]

Posted inLeaving Religion

‘A new kind of atheism’ already exists in America (if you look closely)

Reading Time: 6 minutes In an essay for MSNBC’s website, columnist Zeeshan Aleem calls for a “new style of atheism” that could address both the growing threat of Christian nationalism and the decline in community that’s been hastened by people leaving organized religion. The first point, about Christian nationalism, has been repeatedly discussed on this site. It’s a very real, […]

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‘Paper straws are replacing white Americans,’ warns Marjorie Taylor Greene

Reading Time: 2 minutes Far-right Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene warned hundreds of supporters that, “Paper straws are replacing white people Americans.” She was speaking at the Nathan Bedford Forrest County Fair. Many in the crowd commented they came to enjoy the pig races as well as hear what Greene had to say. Greene, who represents Georgia’s 14th district, […]

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Why thanking those who offer their prayers isn’t always the best idea

Reading Time: 4 minutes Earlier this week, OnlySky contributor Kristen Chase offered her take on how we should respond when well-meaning religious people offer their blessings and prayers to atheists. She suggested nonbelievers such as myself respond with one simple phrase: Thank you. I partially agree, while pointing out Kristen’s essential qualifier: well-meaning. Yes, when well-meaning, not passive-aggressive, people […]

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