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Does God Hate Her Breasts?

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a male who has no children, I’m not about to make a recommendation to anyone regarding breastfeeding. But reader Mary sent me an article in which the author, Monica Bielanko, says she didn’t breastfeed her kids… for a reason I hadn’t heard before: The real reason I’m not breastfeeding is deeply personal and deeply […]

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They’re Nutritious!

Reading Time: < 1 minute You only need one of these a day to meet all your nutritional needs?! I really need to cut back… I’ve been downing three a day. Ok, they’re officially talking about breast milk, but no one will ever notice that. So get the shirt and put it on your baby 🙂 (Thanks to Michelle for […]

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‘Breaking In’ the Baby

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some Mormon Fundamentalists have been instilling the “fear of authority” into babies through the use of water torture. “It’s quite common,” Carolyn Blackmore Jessop said. She was a witness for the B.C. government in the constitutional reference case to determine whether Canada’s polygamy law is valid. “They spank the baby and when it cries, they […]

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I Need a Baby NOW…

Reading Time: < 1 minute … so that I can send out these delicious baby shower invitations: [Cue the vegetarian singing “I want my babybackbabybackbabyback…”] Apparently, it’s not just a play on words, either. BaByQ grills exist! 🙂 (Thanks to Laura for the link!)

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