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Bangladesh considering dropping Islam as state religion, according to senior minister

Reading Time: < 1 minute Having written about this before, I thought it would be worth mentioning again. Bangladesh had floated the idea of becoming secular (again), and then quashed the idea. But so soon after this, the idea has resurfaced. The Independent has reported: Government officials in Bangladesh are considering dropping Islam as the country’s national religion after a senior […]

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Bangladesh LGBT editor hacked to death

Reading Time: 2 minutes The BBC is reporting this breaking news, so check back there for updates: Police in Bangladesh say two people including a leading gay rights activist and editor at Bangladesh’s only LGBT magazine have been hacked to death. The US ambassador to Bangladesh condemned the killing of Xulhaz Mannan, who also worked at the US embassy. […]

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Bangladesh court upholds Islam as religion of the state

Reading Time: 2 minutes I reported on this the other day. However, unsurprisingly, the move to return Bangladesh to a secular state were ultimately unsuccessful. As AlJazeera reports: Dhaka, Bangladesh –  Bangladesh’s High Court on Monday rejected a 28-year-old petition calling for the removal of a constitutional provision recognising Islam as the official religion of the Muslim-majority South Asian nation. […]

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Holy cow, another death: I would be hacked to death, too

Reading Time: < 1 minute My goodness. Bangladesh, sort it out. SORT IT OUT! I am a secular publisher and author and blogger. On account of all of that, would I be living in Bangladesh, I too would probably have been attacked. The BBC’s Breaking News: Bangladeshi secular publisher hacked to death A Bangladeshi publisher of secular books has been […]

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UN Secretary-General calls for action over deaths of Bangladeshi bloggers

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a statement issued at the weekend, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the killing of Niloy Neel, the fourth humanist blogger in Bangladesh to be hacked to death by Islamists this year, and called on the Government to do more to prevent further attacks. The British Humanist Association (BHA) has welcomed his call, and reiterated its own similar desire to see further violence prevented.

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“They liked me, but they have to kill me some day”

Reading Time: 6 minutes What do you say to someone who tried to stab you to death?

The unlikely opportunity to find out presented itself to Asif Mohiuddin not long ago in a jail in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Taken into custody for a second time for allegedly posting “offensive comments about Islam and Mohammed” on his blog, the outspoken atheist blogger and anti-Islamist political activist found himself in a cell next to one of the three assailants who had been waiting outside his office building when he arrived for the night shift on the 14th of January 2013.

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