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Todd in the House

Reading Time: < 1 minute Todd’s a peculiar deity. Perhaps he is capricious narcissist or perhaps he is merely a trick of the light. Books!                                                           Support on Patreon!          […]

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What Rekindles Belief (In Christianity)

Reading Time: 8 minutes For a few days now, I’ve been talking about the three major methods of persuasion I see Christians using. Today, though, let’s pull back. Those three methods differ dramatically from what might actually work–at least, on someone like me. I’ll show you what might work, and then–more importantly–show you why Christians don’t even bother trying that.

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Billy Graham’s #1 Reason to Believe (Fails Hard)

Reading Time: 9 minutes This seasoned veteran of evangelism offered up his A-Number-One Reason to Believe. This answer represents his biggest gun, his most powerful evangelistic come-on. And it’s the same reason we hear out of a great many Christians across all flavors of the religion! We’ll look at it, see what it means, and evaluate it as a claim. And then we’ll decide if it’s as compelling as Billy Graham sure thought it was.