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Can religion be destroyed?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was involved in a little discussion over at Advocatus Atheist the some time ago with regard to whether a secular and skeptical approach can spell the end of religion. I found this to be interesting. Even if the evidence (does it not already) overwhelmingly ruled in favour of the disbelief in a personal god, would religion still tenuously hang on to the threads of desperate hope or ritualistic comforts that humanity seems to endure?

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The terminal decline of Christianity in New Zealand

Reading Time: 6 minutes The results of the 2013 New Zealand Census has Christianity down to 47 per cent. Retired scientist, Ken Perrott’s, accompanying graph charts Christianity’s decline in every recent census and projects its decline to just above 20 per cent by 2030 and further, beyond that date. It is, of course, very unlikely to disappear altogether, but, equally, the chances of a major Christian revival in New Zealand are very remote.

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Instinctive thinkers more likely to believe in a personal god – and less likely to be atheists

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tomas Rees runs a really interesting blog called [epiphenom] the science of belief and non-belief. Well worth visiting. This article reminded me of an earlier article of mine linking autistic people with a lack of belief. If you are an instinctive thinker, it seems, you are more likely to believe in God:

Late last year some fascinating research revealed that people who take a more deliberative approach to problem solving – rather than just going with their instincts – are also less religious.

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The Prayer Experiment Critiques Itself

Reading Time: 3 minutes The philosophical paper which was the inspiration for the 40-day Atheist Prayer Experiment has some self-critique. Kudos to the author for full disclosure, but this critique takes us to a place he didn’t expect.