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Bernie Sanders, the Tax Cut, The Deficit and Medicare

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bernie Sanders can see into the future. He predicted exactly what is happening. Watch this. It is a facebook video that I cannot find on YouTube, but turn off your facebook blockers and check the prescience. Republicans, once fiscal conservatives, used to attack Democrats on their spending. The hilarious hypocrisy is pretty hilarious: Here, Politico […]

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Mr. K’s Foreign Policy Fallacies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Charles Krauthammer recently wrote a piece titled “The Four Foreign Policies.” It “analyzes” the proposed foreign policy of the four major candidates remaining in the race for President…Clinton, Sanders, Trump and Cruz. Actually, Mr K (as I will call him) does no analysis. What he writes is a screed, distorting the views of the two […]

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Clinton Most Reliable, Trump Highest Proportion of Lies, Research Finds

Reading Time: 2 minutes Politifact have been researching the reliability of claims by candidates in the US primaries, and the Republicans do not come out well, especially ole Trumpy. DailyNewsBin reports: The trendy knock on Hillary Clinton, even among those who acknowledge that she’s the most capable and knowledgeable of the 2016 candidates for President, is the accusation that […]

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How I Would Seduce the Candidates

Reading Time: 3 minutes It took a while before I could relax with a nice daydream about a stupid fleeting sweaty adventure and not fear what God would think as he watched it from his giant projector screen in Heaven’s basement. And what is stupider than wondering just how I would seduce the current candidates? The answer: nothing. So fire up that projector, and I’ll give you a show.

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Why, As an Iranian, I Support Hillary Clinton

Reading Time: 7 minutes Bernie Sanders continues to sound like an activist and not a politician. He continues to be a mystery when it comes to foreign policy and how he will actually handle it. But looking at Clinton’s policies and circle of advisers we can be certain about the path she will take. And that it’s a good one. Isn’t that enough to see who’s the more suitable candidate for the job?

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