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Ruddy Flood Thing Again. And Armstrong.

Reading Time: 18 minutes Dave Armstrong has supposedly refuted my refutation to his refutation of my claim that the Noah’s flood myth is a good example of the multiple sources of the Pentateuch evidenced by both redundancies through repetition and contradictions. Just to let you know, my position is wholesale accepted by pretty much every single Hebrew Bible scholar […]

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Irreconcilable Resurrection Differences

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the closing stages of writing my latest book, The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story [UK], I had a few test readers. One was David Austin, down in Australia, who has provided a few guest articles for your delectation. Here is one – thanks muchly to him: In a previous article, I listed various […]

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Gospel of Mark’s Poor Jewish Knowledge

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here is a pretty extensive list of issues in the Gospel of Mark that show the authors lack of knowledge about Jewish customs in Jesus’ time. This casts some doubt on the hisstorical reliability of the Gospel and how he treated his sources. The author of the Gospel of Matthew omitted a number of these […]

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Contradictions in the Resurrection of Jesus Accounts

Reading Time: 5 minutes I have recently been in contact with David Austin, in Australia, who has a keen interest in the Resurrection of Jesus and the Gospel accounts thereof. This is his comprehensive offering: We have no “Originals” of any of the NT documents, only copies of copies with many differences. Our earliest complete books date to around […]

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