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How Calvinists created the SBC’s fixation on inerrancy

Reading Time: 9 minutes It surprised me to notice that most of the people behind the Conservative Resurgence (the Old Guard, I call them and their sympathizers) weren’t Calvinists themselves, for the most part. But they got a huge amount of support from Calvinists all the same. Calvinists spoke their language — and then turned it against them. These Calvinists took brutal advantage of one concept in particular: Southern Baptists’ newfound affection for a doctrinal stance called inerrancy. Today, let me show you what inerrancy is and why this belief opened the door for Calvinists to wrest control of the SBC away from the Old Guard.

Posted inReligion

‘Logical Christians’ and the Great Divorce Between Beliefs and Behavior

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi and welcome back! For the past few days, we’ve been talking about a theme: the way toxic people cultivate a complete divorce between their beliefs and their behavior, between fantasy and reality. Indeed, a vast number of Christians consider themselves to be very logical people who only adopted their various (contradictory) opinions as a […]

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