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QUIZ: Are you a spiritual narcissist?

Reading Time: 4 minutes OnlySky · QUIZ: Are You A Spiritual Narcissist? | Becky Garrison This week, Christianity Today (CT), the evangelical flagship magazine founded by none other than Billy Graham, released a bonus episode of their podcast series The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. This episode, Everything is Still Falling Apart, addresses the dangers of the cult […]

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US Evangelical Group Interferes in UK

Reading Time: 2 minutes Records that have been made available that show that a conservative US evangelical organisation, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), is taking legal action against UK entertainment venues who blocked Franklin Graham from talking due to his homophobia, amongst other things. The Guardian reports: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is suing venues in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield […]

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The Real Tipping Point of Christian Dominance (Already Came and Went)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we talked about Thom Rainer’s assertion in 2018 that American evangelical churches had found themselves at a ‘tipping point.’ He thought that if those churches didn’t get on the stick (and pay him a whopping lot of money for his silly revitalization services), then American Christianity would fade to irrelevance just […]

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Evangelistic Success in China Amid the Pandemic

Reading Time: 8 minutes Lately, I’ve noticed a distinct narrative developing in fundagelicalism. It involves claims of wild evangelism success amid the pandemic. So far, nobody’s ponied up numbers supporting these claims (only contradicting them), but this sure wouldn’t be the first time Christians have made claims without evidence. This time around, though, the claims come from quite a venerable source. Today, let me show you someone from Billy Graham’s evangelism business making claims of a revival in China — and why I don’t trust this story.

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Billy Graham’s #1 Reason to Believe (Fails Hard)

Reading Time: 9 minutes This seasoned veteran of evangelism offered up his A-Number-One Reason to Believe. This answer represents his biggest gun, his most powerful evangelistic come-on. And it’s the same reason we hear out of a great many Christians across all flavors of the religion! We’ll look at it, see what it means, and evaluate it as a claim. And then we’ll decide if it’s as compelling as Billy Graham sure thought it was.

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The Awakening of the Young

Reading Time: 10 minutes Young people are awakening to their own power and agency, and that is very bad news for conservatives in America. Today, in the wake of both the death of one of the architects of toxic Christianity’s entire culture war model and yet another study revealing losses for Christianity, I want to share some truly good news with you.

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