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How the National Day of Prayer Grew Out of the Red Scare.

Reading Time: 9 minutes As I dug into the history of the National Day of Prayer, I remembered that old saying about how religion’s a lot like sausage-making in that you don’t ever want to view too closely the making of either one. This “holiday” was concocted in a perfect storm of Christian entitlement, persecution fantasizing, control-lust, naked opportunism, and desperation. There is absolutely nothing noble, loving, or (if I may be permitted to use the term) Christlike about how the National Day of Prayer came about, nor about how it is practiced today.

Posted inReligion

The Unequally Yoked Club: As I Lay Dying (To Myself).

Reading Time: 17 minutes One of the hardest parts about deconverting out from under a fundagelical marriage was unlearning my indoctrination and re-learning all the rules for how men and women should interact. One of those ideas I had to unlearn was the idea of “dying to yourself.” But it was the one I needed to unlearn the most. […]

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