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Learning on the last page what a book is about: ‘When We Cease to Understand the World’

Reading Time: 4 minutes When We Cease to Understand the World is an excellent but very odd book. Kernels of fact are surrounded by glittering shells of variegated fiction. As a genre, it feels different than historical fiction. It might rather be labeled biographical fiction, or fictive biography, or truth that never occurred.  I got through the whole book before I found […]

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Before Evangelicals and Fundamentalists Fused Together (LSP #218)

Reading Time: 7 minutes The evangelicals I knew back then thought fundamentalists were dangerous zealots and wingnuts who’d missed the entire point of Christianity in their mad dash to theological super-correctness. Meanwhile, fundamentalists thought evangelicals were lukewarm weaklings who couldn’t handle the real deal of TRUE CHRISTIANITY™ — and thus would fold and accept the Mark of the Beast the moment the Endtimes began in earnest.

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We Found a Possible Exoplanet in Another Galaxy! (LSP #215)

Reading Time: 6 minutes If life existed on Earth, my ten-year-old self figured, then it had to exist elsewhere. If our Sun had oodles of planets and moons whizzing around it, then other stars had to have them as well. And on those planets, who knew what might exist? It seemed far more likely to me that at least some other planets hosted life — and more than that, intelligent life — than that none possibly ever could.

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Beach Reach Training: How to Craft a Testimony (And Why)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been talking about Beach Reach. That’s a short-term mission trip (STM) organized by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). For two weeks, college-age SBC-lings descend on a beach during American universities’ Spring Break. During their trip, these volunteers offer charity services to a truly deserving group that is desperately in […]

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