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Uterus 101: On menstruation, miscarriage, and mifepristone

Reading Time: 10 minutes When my Grade 5 class went through Ontario’s reproductive health curriculum in the mid-1990s, the boys and girls were separated, and received remarkably different lessons. Along with the basics of our changing bodies, I and the girls were shown how to use condoms through a banana demonstration, and told how important protection would be when […]

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Myxozoa: Pushing the Limits of Definitions (LSP #214)

Reading Time: 5 minutes The sheer mind-blowing facts of our world never end. These rabbitholes we explore turn into warrens full of information for the curious to devour — and each new twist and turn in the warren only leads us to more questions we want to answer. At no time in human history has it been easier to learn and grow — and best of all, to share what we’ve found with others.

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Resetting Our Biological Clocks (LSP #199)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi and welcome back! Every human who is ever born will die. Hopefully, that’ll happen after we’ve lived as long and as full a life as we desire. That means that aging is a natural part of life — something everyone goes through if they live long enough. Hey, it beats the alternative! But scientists […]