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Book review: Remembrance of Earth’s Past 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever stared at the stars and thought that, given the unfathomable number of stars and planets in the universe, other life simply must exist? The number of observable galaxies ranges in the hundreds of billions. Surely we are not that special. Yet we still have no evidence of extraterrestrial life. You aren’t the […]

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Douglas Adams: There is no normal

Reading Time: 3 minutes If the universe were in any way fair or kind, satirist Douglas Adams would be turning 70 today. Adams was one of those people whose sensibility slapped me awake—not completely awake, but that’s good for a reason I’ll get to. Most of the time, despite the help of Adams and others, I’m fast asleep to […]

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Book review: Gunther Laird’s Unnecessary Science debunks Natural Law Theory from within

Reading Time: 4 minutes Laws like Roe vs. Wade that many secular people hold dear are under threat. Much of how they are threatened is down to the partisan nature of American politics, but it is also underwritten by thinkers who provide an ethical framework from which certain political factions can structure their legal assault. Edward Feser is an […]

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Christian nationalism in 2022: An interview with Katherine Stewart

Reading Time: 9 minutes Religious freedom advocate Katherine Stewart, author of The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism, has been writing about politics, policy, education, and church-state relations for over a decade. The Power Worshippers won first place in the Excellence in Nonfiction Books category from the Religion News Association as well as the Morris D. […]

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Metaxas beats a very live horse in ‘Is Atheism Dead?’

Reading Time: 5 minutes Conservative Christian writer Eric Metaxas’ self-serving exercise in apologetics—Is Atheism Dead? (2021)—begins with this florid flourish of biblical triumphalism in his introduction: “We are living in unprecedentedly exciting times. But most of us don’t know it yet. That’s essentially the point of this book, to share the news that what many people have dreamt of—and […]

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Changing tracks: This is Global Humanist Shoptalk

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do you remember the film Snowpiercer ? You might recall the director, Bong Joon-ho, from Parasite, which famously depicted a lower-class family’s infiltration of an upper-class household. But class has always been a key consideration in his work, and it shows up in the former, too. Today, as I introduce the idea of Global Humanist […]

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How secular rituals can give our lives meaning: An interview with Sasha Sagan

Reading Time: 6 minutes The late astronomer Carl Sagan once wrote in his book Contact, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” It’s only fitting, then, that his daughter Sasha Sagan has carried on his legacy with her own book focusing on secular rituals that provide meaning in our lives. In this exclusive […]