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Evangelical Churn and the Chain of Pain.

Reading Time: 9 minutes As the religion becomes more and more extremist and polarized, we’ll be seeing more and more people damaged by it. Christianity–especially the right-wing versions of it–has managed to press into its adherents’ lives one of the cruelest and most heartless deceptions imaginable, and those adherents’ innocent children are the ones paying the price.

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Christianity Has a Major Boundary Problem

Reading Time: 10 minutes Every holiday season, my fellow deconverts have to put up with their families for the annual “Come to Jesus” speeches, the subtle and not-so-subtle attempts at evangelism, and the myriad other forms of manipulation that have kept them at a fair distance for all the other months of the year. All families have their passive-aggressive moments, […]

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Does the Christian Faith Make People More Loving?

Reading Time: 11 minutes I grew up Christian and I still live in a culture that is Jesus-soaked—or perhaps as Flannery O’Connor once called it, Christ-haunted.  It’s not so much that the Christians I know really make a habit of doing the things Jesus talked about doing. It’s more that the spectre of a Christian vocabulary lingers in everything […]