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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

Catholics outnumber Protestants in Northern Ireland. Could this be the end of the United Kingdom?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The writing has been on the wall since Brexit. The United Kingdom, made of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, is now counting its days. A further nail was driven into the coffin today as statistics from the 2021 census were released showing that, for the first time ever, Catholics now outnumber Protestants in Northern […]

Posted inPolitics

Heads I win, tails you lose: Attacking the EU with double standards

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every day, I listen to “Ukraine: The Latest,” a Daily Telegraph podcast about the conflict in Ukraine. If you’re not familiar, the Daily Telegraph is a UK right-wing broadsheet newspaper, and not in line with my personal political persuasion. However, generally, it is excellent, especially when analyzing the strategic and tactical situation in the war. […]

Posted inPolitics

Understanding the contradictions of the EU through the misunderstanding of Brexiteers

Reading Time: 5 minutes A lot of people don’t really understand the EU, which was always going to make a referendum on the UK’s membership, like Brexit, something of a problem. Opposition to the EU can come in broadly two different forms. First, you have the small-government advocates who are anti-immigration and pro-free market. This is generally the right-wing […]

Posted inPolitics

What’s Brexit ever done for us?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nothing. Brexit has done nothing for us. Well, news from the Office for National Statistics today is that it has cut our exports to the EU last year by £20 billion, while lorries (trucks) are still backed up on the motorways unable to cross into France (but it’s not Brexit’s fault, the government tell us!). […]

Posted inPolitics

Turns out I Was Right about Brexit. A Lot.

Reading Time: 8 minutes “Project Fear, you Remoaner!” I’ve heard it for a number of years, since before the vote. And when Project Fear didn’t happen, Leavers got even more vocal. Of course, it didn’t happen because it took us this long to leave the EU – and it’s still ongoing. In fact, this was yet another lie from […]

Posted inPolitics

Political Bots Being Used to Sway Opinion

Reading Time: 2 minutes This has just been happening on Twitter (as it has for years): En masse spelling mistakes aside, this is insidious and horrible. Public opinion is being swayed by simulated/dishonest/untrue creations. This is disinformation. Quite how the government can, on the one hand, rightly spout off about disinformation concerning Covid, and on the other, insidiously spread […]

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