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When therapists push religion

Reading Time: 8 minutes Leaving religion can be a very challenging undertaking, particularly in the US, and especially in communities outside of large urban centers, where unbelief is rarely the norm. Given the often daunting psychological challenges that can accompany the task of deconverting, psychiatric help can be very important. But despite what one might expect and hope for, […]

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The Updated Secular Therapy Project

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dr Caleb Lack is a friend of mine and all-round good bloke. Indeed, I edited a number of his books, including Psychology Gone Astray: A Selection of Racist & Sexist Literature from Early Psychological Research (buy it!). He is heavily involved with a really worthy organisation called The Secular Therapy Project that has just revamped its website. […]

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Psychology Gone Astray: Racism and Sexism in Early Psychology

Reading Time: 6 minutes I was recently involved in another argument on facebook that concerned politics and religion and then psychology, in the context of myself and Alan Duval putting forward psychological accounts of conservatism and liberalism. One tack taken by those we were arguing against was to say that psychology was “not a science”. Whilst there are aspects […]

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Interview with Dr Caleb Lack

Reading Time: 2 minutes A few years back, I interviewed my friend and former SIN colleague, Dr Caleb Lack. Since then, we have worked together on a number of book projects, and he has recently released a formidable book, getting many plaudits: Critical Thinking, Science, and Pseudoscience: Why We Can’t Trust Our Brains I am hoping it will get […]

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Exploring Intelligence and Religiosity

Reading Time: 6 minutes Some time back, my friend and SINner over at the Skeptic Ink Network, blogger and clinical psychologist, Dr Caleb Lack (of the Great Plains Skeptic blog) produced a series analysing data and theories concerning correlations between intelligence and religiosity in people. There have been a number of studies, and many people have highlighted and lauded […]

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13 Reasons to Doubt – scientific and philosophical skepticism

Reading Time: 3 minutes SIN has created its own book which came out in 2014. It’s a great collection of essays looking at a whole range of subjects to be skeptical of. For example, Rebecca Bradley deals with “pseudoarcheology”, whilst Caleb Lack writes about cognitive biases. Subjects from science denialism to groupthink, free will to the history of skepticism, are dealt with, with care and quality. The variety is a real joy. It would make a great Christmas present!

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Onus Books Catalogue

Reading Time: 4 minutes I own a small publishing house which has several imprints, the main one being Onus Books which is predominantly a skeptical and philosophical enterprise. On the books are three other authors at the moment:

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