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Disinviting bigoted campus speakers blocks bigotry not free speech

Reading Time: 6 minutes When American university and college students try to deny “free speech” platforms to arch-conservative opinion leaders they consider dangerous purveyors of bigotry, or just shout them down, right-wing complaints of suppression are swift and virulent. The constant trope is that American higher education institutions are controlled by “woke,” “liberal” academics and students who want to […]

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Breaking down Western myths of peace

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’ll never forget my confusion, as a Canadian in Colombia in 2018, when I first visited Museo Casa de la Memoria. In Medellín’s “memory house”, a video explained that Colombia had more history with peace than any other country. I’d been raised to believe in Canada’s strong commitment to “peace, order, and good government.” Surely […]

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Why are Canadian trucker protesters raising money on a Christian fundraising site?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates have paralyzed Ottawa, blocking streets throughout the Canadian capital and setting up tents and other rough shelters. The truckers have also blocked key US border crossings across states such as Michigan and Montana. The truckers share a number of characteristics with right-wing populists in the United States: they are furious […]

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Plague rat pastor claims court ordered him to lie about Covid-19

Reading Time: 3 minutes ANTI-VAXXER Artur Pawlowski, above, a pastor who has had several run-ins with Canadian authorities for violating ongoing coronavirus restrictions, was ordered to pay “crippling fines” and surrender his” free speech rights” as part of a probation agreement to avoid jail time. Christian Post reports that during his sentencing hearing this week for persistently violating court […]